Ford X Plan Pricing – How Much Does it Cost?

Ford X Plan

The Ford X Plan is an employee benefit program offered by Ford Motor Company to retired employees and their spouses, as well as current employees in conjunction with certain retirees. The plan provides access to discounted services at health clubs, golf courses, car dealerships, and auto parts stores, among other things.

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What Is Ford X Plan?

Ford X Plan is a program available to retirees of Ford Motor Company and their families and it is a part of the Ford AXZ Plan. In addition to two years of complimentary health care benefits, retirees can also access other valuable services from Ford.

Depending on which plan you select, you’ll get a membership card that gives you special discounts at stores like Meijer, CVS and Kroger. You can also earn points for purchases on Amazon and Uber rides. With different plans available for spouses, partners or children, there’s something for everyone here.

Ford X Plan Benefits

Depending on your employment dates and number of eligible years, you may qualify for any one or all of Ford’s four different benefit programs: Life Insurance, Disability Income, Medicare Supplement and Vision Care.

Ford’s plans are based on three tiers: Basic, Silver and Gold. You can find a breakdown of each plan below. Each tier offers an additional percentage added to its benefits for each additional year of service you complete before retirement.

What is Ford X Plan Pricing?

Ford has several X plan pricing options, but they tend to be fairly similar. The more popular one covers most of your prescription drugs with a co-pay of up to $5 and sometimes an annual deductible. Depending on your medications, these plans can cost anywhere from $20-$100 per month.

You’ll also have access to dental and vision plans that both cost an additional fee each month. If you or any other family members need any medical services (like physical therapy or acupuncture), there are discounts for those too—though you still may end up paying a co-pay at some point if it requires a prescription from your doctor.

How does ford x plan work?

Ford X plan is a very effective way to save money and enjoy discounts on Ford vehicles. This plan is designed in such a way that it offers the maximum value to the customers.

Ford X plan

These benefits can be availed by the customers of Ford after they have purchased any Ford vehicle. It offers you a great package of features, with an easy payment plan. You can easily buy the Ford X plan online and start driving your car within 30 days.

Enrolling in Ford X Plans – Ford X Plan Login

To access your benefit, you will need to enroll. This is a fast and easy process that doesn’t require much information or paperwork. You can fill out a form online and submit your plan choices electronically.

In addition, should you require assistance from Ford X Plans customer service, there are multiple ways to contact them by phone or email—you won’t need to wait on hold for an extended period of time (typically under five minutes). The Ford website also provides important details on enrollment.

Renewing Your Enrollment

Like most employee benefit programs, your enrollment in the Ford X plan will automatically renew at each anniversary of your enrollment. You will receive a renewal form prior to your renewal date, allowing you to make any changes or opt out of coverage prior to renewal.

If you do not want to renew your enrollment, you must submit a non-renewal request during your annual open enrollment period (July through August) or within 31 days of receiving notice that coverage is going to be renewed without your input. Please note that by not renewing on time, you may still be covered under an extension policy until 60 days after notification if a medical event occurs during that time frame.

Canceling Your Enrollment

If you choose to cancel your Ford X plan enrollment, you must do so before your annual renewal date. This is important because if you don’t cancel prior to your annual renewal date, Ford Motor Company will automatically re-enroll you in Ford X Plan at your current tier level and payment rate. If at that time you decide that you want to cancel, you will then have 30 days from your initial enrollment date or from when the enrollment was automatically renewed to submit a cancellation request online.

Why does Ford X plan cost so much more than other car plans?

What makes Ford’s pricing so expensive is that they take a percentage of your monthly income rather than a flat dollar amount. If you make $10,000 in one month and $15,000 in another month then your plan payments will be either $100 or $150.

With other plans companies base their payments on flat rates per dollar of income. So if you make $10,000 a month every month then you pay no matter what!

How do I get Ford X Plan discount?

At Ford, we value our employees, and that’s why we created a vehicle-discount program for retirees Whereas, Ford A Plan is solely for the current employees. No matter where you go to buy your next vehicle, as long as you show proof of your retired status with Ford Motor Company, you’ll be eligible for our benefits.

Your discount will be on whatever purchase price remains after applying any additional discounts or rebates. The amount will vary depending on what kind of car or truck you buy and where you buy it. The best part is when a retiree purchases an eligible new vehicle from their local dealer, they don’t have to pay sales tax! To find out more about Ford X Plan pricing, click here.