What is Ford A-Plan for employees?

Ford A plan is an employee benefit program for current employees of Ford Motor Company. It was launched back in 2005 as a cost-saving initiative for Ford’s employees. The plan offers employees a selection of vehicles from the Ford Motor Company line of vehicles at attractive prices. The plan is not intended to provide full coverage for all vehicle expenses, but instead to supplement employee benefits and reduce the overall cost of employee compensation.

A plan allows new employees an initial discount of $2,000 off the retail price of the vehicle. The employee can also receive a $1,000 bonus towards the purchase of a new vehicle after 12 months of employment. You can buy any car or truck from Ford, up to the price of $75,000, and the company will pay the full difference between what you paid for the vehicle and what it sells for.

How does Ford-A plan work?

The plan offers new Ford vehicles at a fixed price, and the amount of the fixed price depends on the type of vehicle you choose. For example, Ford A plan offers two or three years of zero-percent financing for new F-Series trucks, the Ranger and Mustang.

You can also get free scheduled maintenance for up to five years. The price of this plan can be calculated based on the down payment, the monthly payments, and the term of the loan. Ford a plan price is determined by using a ford loan calculator, which will tell you how much you will have to pay in total for your car.

Ford A-Plan login (Explained)

You can log in to the Ford-A plan by following the below steps:

  1. Login to the Ford-A plan website with your registered email ID and then click on ‘Claim’
  2. Select ‘Personal & Commercial vehicles’
  3. After that, enter your Vehicle Registration Number and VIN Number in the corresponding fields.
  4. After click on ‘Submit’ button, you will receive an email with a link to verify your details. Click on the link to verify your details.

By logging into your plan, you can also track the mileage and get the money deducted from your bank account. Since it is a part of the AXZ plan, therefore you can access it myplan.ford. com

Note: If you’ve forgotten your login details then click on the Click-Here option right below to the login table and follow the basic steps to get new login details.

Ford A-Plan eligibility:

  • All active employees of the company
  • You will be eligible for ford a plan if you are 18 years or older,
  • You must be living in your current country for at least one year. Moreover, if you’re a resident of Canada then you must be living there for at least six months and have a valid social insurance number (SIN) then you can qualify for a ford-A plan.
  • TPTs are also eligible for availing Ford-A plan.
  • Your income should be at least $25,000.
  • You will also be eligible if you have a disability and you are enrolled in an approved health care plan through your employer.

How to calculate Ford a plan price

You can calculate ford a plan price by adding your cost of the car and the down payment amount. For example, if you want to buy a car worth $25,000, then you have to pay $1,000 for the down payment. This will give you the total cost of $26,000. You have to add the monthly payments of $400 (of which $100 is interesting and $300 is principal) and the total monthly payments will be $2,400.

Also, Ford, a plan price can be calculated by following the formula Ford a plan price = [(Vehicle price – Manufacturer discount) x Mileage] + Ford a plan premium

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ford A plan available all over the world?

The Ford A Plan is a service that provides you with access to premium finance options. The service is provided by Ford Motor Company and is currently available in selected countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and the Netherlands.

What is the difference between the Ford-A plan and the Ford-Z plan?

Ford-A plan is specifically for the current employees of the ford company while ford-retirees, as well as their family members (including surviving spouses), can benefit from the Ford-Z plan.

Can ford vehicles be leased?

Yes, ford vehicles must be leased through ford-credit.

How do I get Ford-A plan pin?

One can get Ford-A plan pin by logging into the website or by calling their phone number.

Ford a plan phone number

Call at 1-800-348-7709 to get the answers to your queries or visit the official website to get more details.