AXZ Plan For Ford Employees (Retirees Also)

What is the Ford AXZ Plan?

The Ford AXZ plan is a vehicle buying plan for both current and Ford retirees as well as its X plan is intended for those who are a business partner of Ford. A person who will attain a new company product by availing of the purchase plan has been allocated with 4 PINS annually that he will use for instant usage of that purchase at BB Ford. Besides, Ford’s A and Z Plans offer a person excellent savings on a new vehicle to its employees, their business families, and retirees.

How do I get a Ford AXZ plan?

You’ll get it by obtaining the PIN in two ways; firstly, by logging in on www.axz, secondly, by calling at 1-800-348-7709.

What information do I need to provide for a AXZ Ford MyPlan?

To get a Ford AZX plan, you’ll need approval from Ford, and this you attained by requesting a new PIN every time before purchasing the product. So for this purpose, you have to provide personal information, including the name, email, address, security code of your social account, and related to the Ford Sponsor. It is necessary for identification and verifying procedure. After this company creates a PIN for you that secure plan savings.

What is Ford AZX plan PIN, and how can I use it?

The Ford AXZ plan PIN is a four-digit Personal Identification Number. It’s a unique code required or demanded from Ford employees to purchase a vehicle from A and Z plans. It is generated by logging and requesting PINs from the company by giving the required information. After generating this PIN, the holder takes it to the authorized, endorsed Ford Company to secure a discount plan.

Now, the dealer uses this PIN, recognize your eligibility. Once the eligibility is verified, the dealer will approve purchasing a new vehicle. Now, choose a new vehicle and provide employment proof through company ID, business card, or a pay stub.

AXZ Ford Plan Eligibility

Ford A means an Active full-time plan that is eligible for those who are current employees and  

Ford Z is for the former family member of the Ford company. These plans contain a bundle of savings deals on purchasing a vehicle. Whereas Ford X’s plan mainly included ongoing links such as employees’ neighbors and friends.

Here is a shortlist of those who are eligible for the A and Z Plan:

  • Active full-time employees
  • Regular salary-based employees
  • Hourly retired employees
  • Surviving spouses of full-time active dead employees
  • Surviving spouses of retired, dead employees
  • Full-time active employees that are on an approved leave
  • Employees that are on twelve months of layoff
  • Deferred vested retirees of the company
  • Immediate family members of the company:

Immediate family including the following members;

  • Spouse and their parents
  • Brothers and sisters
  • Sons, daughters, stepchildren, grandchildren, in-laws
  • Uncles and Aunt
  • Nephews and Nieces

AXZ Ford Plan Rules

Here are a few rules regarding the Ford AXZ plan that you must be aware of.

  • First, no other member will get the Ford AXZD plan that is not identified as a family member
  • Without holding necessary information, a person couldn’t log
  • Discount offered based on purchasing plan
  • Not all vehicles are eligible to offer, such as used vehicles
  • Negotiating for a lower price on ford products or vehicles is possible
  • Only new vehicles are eligible for purchasing
  • An only eligible person can get a purchase plan including discounts
  • Cousins or friends are not eligible for Plan A and Z
  • X-Plan allocated 2 PINs annually, whereas, A and Z Plan allocated 4 PINs annually
  • Calculating Pricing based on different purchasing plans
  • Not all suppliers are eligible for purchasing AXZ plan
  • Current or prior vehicles models are eligible to choose
  • Training and used commercial vehicles aren’t eligible on the AXZ Plan of Ford.

Ford AXZ Plan Login

Login to the AXZ plan by entering the user name and password, then move to choose the best suitable plan according to your purchasing and eligibility.

Myfordbenefits login for AXZ Plan

As Ford Motor Company in its MyFordbenefits login offers its employees several benefits, discounts, and insurances. So you may purchase a new discount plan on a new car from the company at a significantly reduced price through a four-digit PIN. This PIN is requested by logging through the website or calling their provided number (1-800-348-7709). However, for the X plan, the company offers two annual PINS at or by calling their provided number (877-XPLAN-00 (975-2600).

AXZ Plan

Its login process is too easy. You have to go to site. Enter the registered username here by using the required information. 

Here is the step by step guide:

  • Click (this will get you to the Ford official site).
  • Next, you have to select your current location.
  • Afterward, Enter the username
  • Then, enter the password 
Ford AXZ Plan
  • After adding complete information, press the Submit button
  • Your account is being successfully logged 
  • Now, open your account and get excellent savings deals from Ford.

Ford AXZ Plan Discount

Ford AZX plan holds the number of discounts for its employees, retirees, partners, family members as employees get discounts on their selected new vehicle from the ford company using a four-digit PIN. Moreover, the partner recognition X-plan of Ford is best for other companies’ members that are doing business with Ford. Secondly. X-Plan also holds a broader discount plan for friends and neighbors. Further, its SERP that is meant for Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan has been specially designed to provide extra benefits to their employees.

How to Determine Ford AXZ Plan Pricing?

As for different plans, different Pricing calculated;

A-Plan Pricing

It is proposed for Ford employees, and it is the best-discounted deal or offers the plan. It’s calculating or determining is as; Invoice – Holdback – Advertising Fee + 275 dollar fee.

Z-Plan Pricing

It is the same as the A-Plan; the only difference is applicable for Ford Retirees. Besides, it is too similar to the A-Plan, so both refer to the A and Z Plan. It’s calculating or Pricing determining is as; Invoice – Holdback – Advertising Fee + 275 dollar fee.

X-Plan Pricing

The X-plan is eventually based on two friends who normally offer a discount to ford family and business friends. Its Partner recognition plan is applicable for business friends companies, including supplier discount facilities. Second, the friends and neighbors plan is for the Ford employees, family members, retirees, and others. Its pricing calculating is as; Invoice – 0.4% + $275 program fee. It offers broader discounts to its employees, members, and business friends.


How can I use my PIN?

You’ll use your PIN by providing it to your Ford dealer along with the social security number of your account. The dealer will first verify it and match or eligibility criteria. After the verification process, the dealer will approve you for the transaction.

What cars qualify under the MY Plan Ford?

The cars qualified under the ford AXZ plan:

  1. Ford Fusion
  2. Ford Taurus
  3. Ford Mustang
  4. Ford Fiesta
  5. Ford Flex
  6. Transit Connect
  7. Ford F-150
  8. Ford-250
  9. Ford Econoline
  10. Ford Edge
  11. Ford Focus

Do ford retirees get a plan?

Yes, the Ford retirees get a plan no matter the retired person is a normal hourly one or early retiree due to some disability.